Delta Decision on Freshwater Supply

Periods of drought are already causing problems in terms of the freshwater supply, as the summers of 2018 and 2019 have demonstrated. In the future, such problems may occur more frequently if freshwater requirements increase and the climate changes. It is important for water consumers to know what they can count on. The Delta Decision on Freshwater Supply therefore states that, in mutual consultation, authorities and consumers should set down supply levels for normal periods and extremely dry spells.

Freshwater Strategy Delta Decision

Keeping the supply levels for the economy and public utilities up to par requires modifications to the main water system (the major rivers, lakes, and delta waters) and to the regional water system (minor rivers, canals, and drainage water). Freshwater consumers will also need to do their share, for example by using available water more economically. The measures are set down in the Delta Plan on Freshwater Supply.