Developing knowledge

The Delta Programme is a knowledge-intensive programme. Available knowledge is used and new knowledge is developed in close collaboration between the Delta Programme, companies, universities, and knowledge institutes.

The knowledge agenda of the Delta Programme features the knowledge issues to be resolved and the innovations that are required to keep up the pace in the implementation of the Delta Programme. The knowledge agenda is aimed at application-oriented knowledge, (technological) innovations, and fundamental research.

The knowledge issues set out in the knowledge agenda have beenĀ  incorporated into various knowledge development programmes, including those implemented by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Rijkswaterstaat, STOWA, KNMI, Deltares, Alterra , and universities. In addition, the issues have been directive for the new knowledge and innovation agenda, contracts awarded by the Top Sector Water, and the water and climate related issues addressed in the Blue Route of the National Science Agenda.

Most of the knowledge issues aimed at gaining more in-depth knowledge have been included in the National Water and Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK); see In this programme, various governments and knowledge institutes are bundling their questions, knowledge development, and translations into practical applications. The goal is to answer societal questions relating to water, spatial planning, and the climate in an effective and efficient manner, and create an interesting domestic market for the business community. The NKWK programme runs up to and including 2020.