Knowledge conferences

Since 2011, the Delta Programme has organised annual knowledge conferences, often in collaboration with a knowledge-developing organisation. With effect from 2015, the conferences are organised by the National Climate and Water Knowledge and Innovation Programme (NKWK).

In the knowledge conferences, stock is taken of what we know, what knowledge we require, and what knowledge is being developed. The object of the knowledge conferences is to encourage innovation and creativity by enabling suppliers and demanders of knowledge to liaise, and to anchor the knowledge. The participants come from the Delta Programme, knowledge-developing institutes and implementing organisations.

During the NKWK knowledge conference of 2017, the fourteenn NKWK focus areas presented their results in parallel sessions. The participants were challenged to weigh in on follow-up steps. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute KNMI reiterated the message that the most recent studies confirm that we are faced with a “code orange” in terms of the climate. The sessions showed that fortunately, many opportunities exist for coping with this situation.