Sharing Knowledge

The Delta Programme is a knowledge-intensive programme. The time available for developing strategies and preparing Delta Decisions compels us to make maximum use of available information, such as that provided by the Delta Proof and Knowledge for Climate programmes. To this end, the information must be known, disseminated and capable of being shared. The Delta Facts and the Delta Viewer play a pivotal role in this respect.

Delta Facts

Existing knowledge is also disseminated in the form of Delta Facts: online information files with a concise summary of the state of the art knowledge of a particular issue. Existing knowledge has been amassed in a simple manner. The Delta Facts thus contribute to supporting water managers in making choices. The Delta Facts have been developed within the context of the Delta Proof programme set up by the Foundation for Applied Water Research STOWA and the concerted district water boards.

Delta Viewer

The Delta Viewer is a digital environment reflecting Dutch past, present, and future water management, and providing interactive up-to-date information on the Delta Programme in various ways, such as short films, maps, and animations. The Delta Viewer is available – in both Dutch and English – as a stand-alone version (e.g., in some museums) and as an online version. In 2012, the Delta Viewer was named “Best Serious Game of the Government 2012”.