Regions and generic topics in the Delta Programme

The Delta Programme is already being carried into effect through ongoing implementation programmes, aimed at improving dykes and giving rivers more room. In addition, projects have been launched to secure the current and future freshwater supply. At many locations, the spatial planning of our country is adapted in such a manner as to accommodate Nature’s extremes. Eight regions and three generic topics are distinguished in the Delta Programme.

The Elevated Sandy Soils area is one of the freshwater supply regions covered by the Freshwater Supply topic.


Preferential strategies and Delta Plans

The regions have translated the proposed Delta Decisions into preferential strategies regarding flood risk management and freshwater supply for each region. These preferential strategies provide the regions concerned with a roadmap for choosing measures. In many cases, the flood risk management measures consist of an innovative approach involving dyke improvement and sand replenishment, or a combination of dyke improvement and river widening or other spatial design measures. Preferably, the measures are linked to other ambitions (linkage). According to a resilience assessment, the strategies also provide proper guidance in the event of more severe climate change. Once a year, in the context of the annual Delta Programme, the Delta Programme Commissioner presents a proposal for the scheduling of measures in the Delta Plans on Flood Risk Management and on Freshwater Supply. With effect from Delta Programme 2018, the proposal will also comprise a Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation.

Eight regions:

Three generic topics: