Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke improvement

Work on the Markermeerdijken improvement tasking has been ongoing for several years. This 33 km stretch of dyke between Hoorn and Amsterdam needs to be improved in order to protect the Noord-Holland polders at the rear from flooding. A section of the Markermeerdijken is the Uitdam dyke. At the request of the stakeholders, the Delta Programme Commissioner was asked to assume the role of independent process coordinator with respect to the Uitdam dyke improvement.

The Delta Programme Commissioner will supervise the process to have the dyke improvement implementation variants elaborated to an equivocal extent. The variants comprise potential solutions involving soil measures and/or constructions in the dyke. By no later than 1 July 2017, the Delta Programme Commissioner will come up with independent and directive recommendations regarding the method to be used in the Uitdam dyke improvement.

Process outline

The Delta Programme Commissioner is working on an advisory report in concert with the administrators involved, a delegation of residents, the Hollands Noorderkwartier district water control board, the Markermeerdijken Alliance, the province of Noord-Holland, the Ministry of Infrastructure & the Environment, and a number of independent experts. Collectively they have set down a process plan along the following outlines:

March 2017

Request to Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken to assume the role of independent process coordinator in Uitdam.

8 March 2017

Various meetings with stakeholders in Monnickendam town hall.

10 March 2017

Delta Programme Commissioner to forward terms of reference to Hollands Noorderkwartier district water control board.

28 March 2017

First working meeting with stakeholders and experts in Monnickendam.
13 April 2017 Technical session.
19 April 2017 Second working meeting with stakeholders and experts in Monnickendam.
May - |June 2017 Follow-up meetings with stakeholders and experts. Equivalent elaboration of variants.
1 July 2017 Independent and directive advice on the method to be used for the Uitdam dyke improvement.


Impression of the first working meeting on 28 March in Monnickendam

Interconnectivity between Delta Programme and Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke improvement

Wim Kuijken was appointed as the Delta Programme Commissioner in 2010. By that time, preparations for the Markermeedijken – Uitdam dyke improvement had already been ongoing for several years. The primary flood defence system between Hoorn and Amsterdam failed to pass the inspection in 2006. The Markermeerdijken, comprising the Uitdam dyke stretch, no longer meet the statutory safety requirements.

The Markermeerdijken improvement tasking is a component of the Second Flood Protection Programme. Under this programme, all the regional water authorities and Rijkswaterstaat are working on the improvement of 370 kilometres of dykes, dams, and dunes, and 18 locks, sluices, weirs, and pumping stations. The first Delta Programme (2011) stipulates that the long-term Delta Programme taskings will be linked to the short-term measures set out in the Flood Protection Programme.

On 17 March 2015, the Delta Programme Commissioner visited Edam, where he met with the government authorities involved and the Markeermeerdijken Advisory Group. This meeting was prompted by questions regarding the value and necessity of the Markermeerdijken improvement, among other things in relation to the Delta Programme. Many technical questions have arisen regarding the functioning of the Markermeer lake under extreme conditions, and the prospects of using pumps to control the lake water level. These topics were discussed on the basis of a joint fact finding process during a second meeting in May 2015. Various additional studies have been conducted since.

In March 2017, the Delta Programme Commissioner was asked to take on the role of process coordinator for the Uitdam stretch. In the months ahead, you will be able to follow the progress and results of this process on this page.