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Utrecht Water & Climate partners joining forces to climate-proof region

‘The climate is changing, and we are changing along with it by pooling our water and climate resources in a new regional Water & ...

News item | 21-10-2019 | 15:29

Delta Programme Commissioner on working visit to Drenthe

On Monday, 14 October Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas paid a working visit to FLUVIUS, a collaborative set-up in the ...

News item | 15-10-2019 | 16:57

Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas on field trip to border region

On Friday, 27 September the Delta Programme Commissioner paid a working visit to the Rhine border area. The visit was focused on ...

News item | 30-09-2019 | 10:28

Delta Programme 2020, continuing the work on the delta: down to earth, alert, and prepared

It is of paramount importance for the Netherlands to continue to prepare properly for the impact of climate change. The key ...

News item | 17-09-2019 | 15:15

Delta Programme Commissioner declares Prins Hendrik Sand Dyke “Delta proof”

It took ten years of close collaboration, consultation, and process formation. But once the die had been cast and the unique dyke ...

News item | 05-09-2019 | 15:51

Delta Programme Commissioner visits Twente Water Network

On Thursday, 29 August 2019 Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas visited the Twente Water Network [Twents Waternet], one of ...

News item | 02-09-2019 | 14:48

Delta Programme Commissioner visits natural climate buffer in the Gulp valley

On 13 June 2019, at the invitation of the Natural Climate Buffers Coalition, the Delta Programme Commissioner visited the Gulp ...

News item | 14-06-2019 | 11:22

Delta Programme Commissioner visits Climate-proof Water Supply project

On Friday, 7 June Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas met with market gardeners to discuss the necessity of a sufficient ...

News item | 08-06-2019 | 16:53

The National Water and Climate Knowledge and Innovation Programme after 5 years: results and developments

During this year’s annual conference, held at the Lijm & Cultuur conference venue in Delft, the National Water and Climate ...

News item | 15-05-2019 | 17:49

Delta Programme Commissioner takes a field trip to Water Vallei & Eem Platform

On 5 April 2019, Delta Programme Commissioner Peter Glas paid a working visit to the Water Vallei & Eem Platform. This is one of ...

News item | 12-04-2019 | 10:18