Delta Programme Commissioner to play coordinating role in Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke improvement

In the months ahead, Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken will play a coordinating role in the Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke improvement. The stakeholders – government authorities and residents – have asked him to supervise the project in order to have the final two variants elaborated to an equivocal extent on the basis of a joint fact finding process, and provide advice on the matter. The one variant involves soil measures, the other is a constructive variant.

Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke improvement

The Markermeerdijken improvement project has been running for quite some time: since 2006. It is one of the measures outlined in the Delta Plan on Flood Risk Management (Flood Protection Programme) of the Delta Programme. The 33 km stretch of dyke needs to be improved in order to protect large sections of Noord-Holland – more than a million people – from flooding. One of the Markermeerdijken dykes is the one near Uitdam, a ribbon village in the municipality of Waterland.  

As the manager of the Markeermeerdijken, the Hollands Noorderkwartier district water control board bears responsibility for the dyke improvement. They are faced with the challenge of developing an adequate solution, in collaboration with residents and other stakeholders, a solution that meets the statutory safety standards.

Wim Kuijken: ‘In my capacity as the Delta Programme Commissioner, I have been involved in this project for quite a while. In my opinion, proper participation in projects is vitally important. That is why I am happy to supervise this final stage in Uitdam, in order to ensure that a decision can be reached before the summer. Next week, I will have the first meetings with stakeholders.’