Delta Congress 2017 coming to Leeuwarden

The eighth annual National Delta Congress will take place in Leeuwarden this year on 2 November. Once more, some 1500 participants are expected. 

‘The northern part of our country is important to the Delta Programme. For example, I recently witnessed the start of the Eemshaven-Delfzijl dyke improvement, innovative solutions are being implemented in the Wadden Sea Dykes general exploration, and the Wadden islands are working on multi-layer flood risk management. The “Frisian approach”, involving the entire community in the elaboration of the Environmental Visions, chimes well with what we are doing within the Delta Programme. The energy and commitment devoted to tackling the issues that the northern provinces are facing is reflected in the vibrant ambitions of Leeuwarden-Fryslân Cultural Capital of Europe 2018. Hence, I am extremely proud to announce that the eighth National Delta Congress will take place in the WTC Expo Leeuwarden this year, on Thursday 2 November.’ This was communicated by Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken today, following the announcement of the location of the annual National Delta Congress.

Everyone involved and interested in the Delta Programme is welcome to attend the congress: NGOs, the business community, knowledge institutes, and governments. A brief plenary opening programme focusing on the new Delta Plan on Pluvial Flooding and Heat will be followed by interactive parallel sessions in the morning and the afternoon which focus on the issues addressed by the Delta Programme: flood risk management, freshwater supply, climate adaptation, and water governance. The topic of participation will also come up during the day. The full congress programme will be published in September.

During the entire congress, organisations and programmes associated with the Delta Programme will operate booths at the Delta Parade. Throughout the day, the Delta Parade offers informal opportunities for sharing knowledge and exchanging experience.

Mayor Ferd Crone of Leeuwarden is pleased that the Frisian capital has been selected as the venue for the Delta Congress. ‘I am delighted that the National Delta Congress will take place in Leeuwarden this year. An excellent choice. Leeuwarden is increasingly evolving into the pre-eminent European hub in the field of water technology. A fine example is the Wetsus knowledge institute. I would like to extend a hearty welcome to the National Delta Congress in Leeuwarden!

Paul van Erkelens, Chair of the Wetterskip Fryslân district water board, is also pleased that the Delta Congress is coming to the Frisian capital. ‘Increasing precipitation and the rising sea level make it imperative for residents, governments, knowledge institutes, and companies to join forces in climate-proofing our province for the future. We need to come up with clever solutions in order to prevent damage caused by pluvial flooding wherever possible. The Delta Congress in Leeuwarden gives a nice impetus to our efforts.’