Water-conscious construction on Marken peninsula

On 15 May, Mayor Luzette Wagenaar-Kroon of the municipality of Waterland presented the report entitled Marken boven Water deel II: bouwstenen voor een waterbewuste toekomst [Marken in control of water part II: building blocks for a water-conscious future] to Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken. Additional copies were handed to Cees Loggen, Provincial Executive for the province of Noord-Holland, Kees Stam of the Hollands Noorderkwartier district water control board, Nanou Beekman of Rijkswaterstaat, Roald Lapperre of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, and several actively involved residents.

At the initiative of the Mayor and the Delta Programme Commissioner, the Marken peninsula served as one of the three pilot projects exploring whether a multi-layer approach can be used to resolve the flood risk management issue. A MIRT [Multi-Year Programme for Infrastructure, Spatial Planning and Transport] study conducted to this end has revealed that improvement of the dyke (layer 1) around Marken will provide the best solution. Subsequently, the study has been looking into options for a water-resilient and climate-proof design (layer 2). With respect to layer 3, measures required for disaster management have been explored.

The “Marken in control of water” report comprises concrete guidelines for both water-conscious and energy-neutral construction at Marken, involving new developments and existing houses on the wharfs and in the lower-lying areas. The report also addresses the climate-proofing of public spaces and the regional water system on the peninsula.

Upon the presentation, the Mayor indicated that the report is not intended to end up on a shelf, but rather constitutes a starting point for the implementation of measures. This was underscored by all those present. The Delta Programme Commissioner regards the report as an inspiration to the entire country, and will include it as a case in point in the Delta Programme to be published on Prinsjesdag [the official opening of Parliament] in September.