New Parliamentary Standing Committee brought up to date on Delta Programme

On Thursday morning, 8 June the Delta Programme Commissioner was invited to meet with the House of Representatives Standing Committee for Infrastructure and the Environment. The meeting was attended by several new political party faces: for D66 spokesperson Mr Jetten, 50+ spokesperson Ms Van Brenk, and PVV spokesperson Mr Van Aalst, this constituted their first introduction to the Delta Programme in this setting. Ms Visser (VVD) and Mr Geurts (CDA) have served as spokespersons within this policy field for some time now. Ms Van Veldhoven (D66) chaired the meeting.

With respect for the β€œnew” water spokespersons, the Delta Programme Commissioner opened the discussion with this short animated film. After a general outline of the previous history of the Delta Programme, the Delta Programme Commissioner explained the working method, based on the three main themes that are elaborated by the regions under their own responsibility, and the Monitoring – Analysing – Acting system. Following his announcement of the Delta Plan on Spatial Adaptation, he concluded his introduction with another video.

The questions put by the MPs revealed their great interest in the Delta Programme, with respect to both the programme level approach, and the implementation of the measures. Questions were also asked regarding the urgency of climate adaptation, the substantiation of adaptive delta management, and whether the Delta Programme Commissioner had any tips for the proposed formation of the Cabinet.