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New expertise and opportunities at third NKWK conference

Tuesday, 11 April, the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam hosted the third conference of the National Water and Climate Knowledge and ...

News item | 12-04-2017 | 10:06

Delta Congress 2017 coming to Leeuwarden

The eighth annual National Delta Congress will take place in Leeuwarden this year on 2 November. Once more, some 1500 ...

News item | 06-04-2017 | 11:34

Delta Programme Commissioner visits Segbroek College

In honour of the school’s 35th anniversary, the Delta Programme Commissioner visited Segbroek College in The Hague today. At the ...

News item | 03-04-2017 | 10:44

The Netherlands and Argentina to strengthen ties with respect to integrated water management

During the Economic Business Forum in Amsterdam, President Mauricio Macri of Argentina requested the Netherlands to enter into ...

News item | 28-03-2017 | 10:16

Permanent access to Delta Programme digital records through the National Archives

The Dutch government intends to go fully digital with effect from 2017 and improve the public accessibility of government ...

News item | 24-03-2017 | 14:11

Delta Programme Commissioner to play coordinating role in Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke improvement

In the months ahead, Delta Programme Commissioner Wim Kuijken will play a coordinating role in the Markermeerdijken – Uitdam dyke ...

News item | 03-03-2017 | 09:20

Delta Programme Commissioner meets with Youth Water Board

Communication with young people and the role that social media can play in reaching them, collaborations between the Youth Water ...

News item | 22-02-2017 | 13:59

Collaboration at annual South-West Delta Working Conference

Under the theme of “collaboration”, some 100 stakeholders attended the annual South-West Delta working conference on 9 February. ...

News item | 10-02-2017 | 12:19

Delta Programme Commissioner commemorates victims of the 1953 Flood Disaster and opens symposium

This morning, the Delta Programme Commissioner laid a wreath at the annual commemoration of the 1953 Flood Disaster. Others in ...

News item | 01-02-2017 | 11:51

Delta Programme Commissioner reappointed

At the behest of Minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Schultz and in accordance with the Delta Act, Delta Programme ...

News item | 26-01-2017 | 18:30